Installing Attic Baffles From The Attic


V-Baffle, ventilation baffles install easily with no special tools required. Simply put the V-Baffle in the rafter cavity that needs a baffle vent and push it as far as you can with your hand. Then, use a piece of PVC pipe to push it down to the soffit area.

More than one V-Baffle may be required for longer cathedral ceilings. In this case: push the 1st V-Baffle all the way down to the soffit area, then push the 2nd V-Baffle until it makes contact with the 1st V-Baffle. Simply repeat this process until the last V-Baffle is sticking above the attic insulation.


Step Two

Step One



Step Four

Step Three



With V-Baffle

Without V-Baffle




Installing Attic Baffles From The Soffit Vent

When installing a ventilation baffle from the attic is not an option, you simple install them from the soffit area. In a lot of cases you'll be able to install the baffle vent from the existing soffit vents, but in many cases you'll need to cut out new soffit vents. The standard soffit vents are 8 inches by 16 inches, 6 inches by 16 inches, and 4 inches by 16 inches. Any of these vent choices will work, just make sure and cut the opening a minimum of 12.5 inches by 2.5 inches.

Once the existing soffit vents are removed or the new vents are cut out, installing the V-Baffle is just as easy from a soffit vent as it is from the attic. The only thing that you'll need to know in advance is the length of the cathedral or vaulted ceiling and the depth of the existing attic insulation to determine how many V-Baffles will be needed. In the cases where more than one V-Baffle are needed, but you don't need another full length V-Baffle, simple cut the V-Baffle to the length you need; more than likely the other half will be used for the next cavity you'll be retrofitting so nothing will be waisted.

Below you'll find a couple of videos showing you just how simple the V-Baffles are to install from the soffit vents.